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Break bulk / Heavy lift

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Each & everyday, BMT handles & store various cargo types from crates, coils, pipes, forestry products & larger projects cargoes of various weights, nature, size, properties & shape.
These cargoes vary From reactors and pressure vessels for refineries and petrochemical plants, components for power generation and distribution (such as boilers, turbines, generators, transformers, etc) to break bulk (i.e. boxes, crates, unpacked and skid-mounted units), rolling stock (such as locomotives, railway equipment, bulldozers, cranes) and floating equipment such as dredgers, barges and yachts.

With approximately 100 product groups, packaged or semi-packaged in diversified handling units, goods can be placed in bags, boxes, cartons, bales, cases, discs, bindings, barrels, pallets, bags & similar units. Shippers can rest assured that BMT can handle. 

BMT possesses modern handling equipment & offers suitable warehousing for high quality, safe & efficient handling & storage of goods with our services carried out by professional & skilled staff. You name it, we can handle it…